With internet sales becoming a huge part of the vehicle trade, the need for reliable transport has risen but with this has created a risk of rogue salesmen when buying over a distance and sometimes without viewing the bike. Follow a few guidelines and avoid buying the proverbial Pup.

  • If possible always visit the seller and view the machine, there are things that won’t show in pictures that are obvious to the naked eye, also the character of the individual selling it may tell you a lot about the machine itself.
  • Always research the make and model and find out the common issues that certain bikes have.
  • If you’re unable to view the bike personally then you have a large amount of technology at your disposal in order to ensure the satisfactory condition of the machine, Whatsapp is a good mobile phone app that transfers high quality pictures and videos from seller to buyer which shows you in close detail the damage or noises that might be present on the machine before you commit to buying. Look out for rusty, badly adjusted chains and oily deposits around the suspension areas.

  • Choose your sales platform wisely, Ebay has a very reliable rating system where you can judge the reputation of the seller by their feedback rating. Also the description of the machine on Ebay is legally binding so if you buy the bike by auction and is isn’t accurately described then you can simply give it back and get a refund. Other platforms such as Gumtree and Facebook are less secure but this doesn’t mean that they are to be avoided. Good communication from the seller is important, if they don’t offer up information freely about the machine then move on and find another one.
  • Payment can also be a point of caution for buyers especially when buying from a private seller so wherever possible use a secure payment method such as PayPal where you have an option to do so but for full security use the ‘goods and services’ and not the ‘friends and family’ option. This will give you peace of mind that should the bike not be accurately described you will not lose your money.


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What did you do to your bike today?
We Killed a few bugs with ours and got wet! 😂
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What did you do to your bike today?
We Killed a few bugs with ours and got wet! 😂

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Bought it…. Steam cleaned it, sonic’d the carb, serviced it, stripped the clutch out ready for a new one and sprayed it with GT85….. can’t wait to ride it !!!

Now that looks low and like it has to much go go for the streets 😉❤️

Watched it on my tracking app as it's on its way to a track in sunny Portugal

Nothing not ridden it in 5 years 🙄

This was Yesterday 👊🏼,,,,,, today I’m sulking 🤷🏼‍♂️😵‍💫🥴

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I’ve seen other Small Businesses doing this so I thought I would give it a go….

Please go to Specialised Motorcycle Transport click invite friends and add as many as you can please 🙏🏽It’s that easy and we truly appreciate any help and support we get ❤️

In just a couple of clicks, you’ve successfully supported a small business, costing you £0 and a few seconds!
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Done Dude. May nick the idea too 👍

Done 👍👍

Done sir, 👍

Done buddy. Would be good if you would do the same for me. BGN Security Ltd

Done 👍🏻

Think iv done it 🤣

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RGV500 or RD500?
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RGV500 or RD500?

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RGV without a moment’s hesitation.

RG, especially done that way in that chassis, was a Schwantz fan growing up, only way for me.

I always liked Yamaha over stipuki


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Last two times I stopped I got flipped off because they were on the phone and my loud Harley was interrupting their business meeting. (New breed of rider)

Always do even if I'm in my car

Not if they are Harley or Ducati riders up here , to good to help the common man.

Bull 💩

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